A cloak of poisonousness was a magic cloak that would kill whoever wore it.[4][5]


This cloak was typically made of a woolly material, though ones made with leather were known to exist.[4][5][2]


Upon wearing this cloak, a creature would usually be immediately killed, though those of high fortitude were able to resist its effect and merely handling it would pose no danger. The poison within the cloak could be detected through use of a detect poison spell,[5] after which a small label would be visible that bore the words, "Nesus Shirt company".[2]

This poison made it impossible to bring the victim back to life with a raise dead or resurrection spell until a neutralize poison spell was used.[5]

Removing this cloak from a victim required use of a remove curse spell, which would destroy its magical properties.[4][5][2]



Dungeon #38: "A Blight On The Land"
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