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Cloak of Reflection.

A cloak of reflection was an magically protective cloak worn by the rangers and agents in service of ruler of Silverymoon, Lady Alustriel Silverhand. Although the source of their power was unknown, these garments would reflect back upon the caster certain magical spells and spell-like abilities that were directed upon its wearer.[1]


The cloak would reflect back the following spells:[2]
color sprayfeeblemindentangleforgethold animal/monster/personirritationmagic missilepolymorph otherray of enfeeblementshocking graspTasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter

The caster of any of these spells could only escape the re-directed effect if they were able to quickly move into another plane of existence or extra-dimensional space.[1]


Originally designed by the mage, Irentalar, the secrets of their enchantment was lost to time.[1]



Video Games


  1. While the cloak of reflection appeared in the Baldur's Gate series of games, it had an entirely different power of granting the wearer protection from electricity. The game-item that was most similar to the cloak of reflection was called a "Cloak of Mirroring".