The Cloaked Ascendancy was a group of wizards who attempted to take over the city of Neverwinter in the late 15th century DR.[1]


When the Spellplague hit, in 1385 DR, several members of the Many-Starred Cloak were pulled into the Far Realm. One of them, Gyrion, took charge and tried to help them survive. Eventually, four of them managed to find their way out: Gyrion, Nostura, Kabal, and Lukan, though they had all been affected physically and mentally by their time in the Far Realm.

Upon returning to Neverwinter in the late years of the 15th century, they were angered by what they saw as an illegitimate successor to Nasher Alagondar in the form of Dagult Neverember, and attempted to take the city from him by force. To that end, they took charge of the remaining Nashers and recruited heavily for adventurers and others who wished to see Neverember's rule end. In truth, however, their real goal was to open a massive portal to the Far Realm within the city. While Nostura, Gyrion, and Kabal worked openly from ritual sites within the River District, Lukan created a fourth ritual site just outside the city and hid it with illusion magic.

Their efforts were ultimately foiled by the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, who stopped the rituals within the River District and discovered Lukan's hidden ritual site. When they arrived, Lukan decried the bloodshed and begged the heroes to stop the ritual. During the final confrontation, Gyrion was killed. Kabal and Nostura fled into the Chasm, but the heroes followed and killed them as well. Lukan hid in a crypt beneath the River District, but after accidentally breaking the magical wards sealing the Shroud of Souls and freeing the necromancer Morlanth, he was captured and imprisoned by Kavatos Stormeye.[1]


The Cloaked Ascendancy operated out of the newly reopened River District of Neverwinter.[1]

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