Cloakers were intelligent creatures that dwelt underground and resembled large flying manta rays when active. At rest, they looked like a black cloak, hence their name.[6]


Cloakers generally either waited in ambush for their prey,[6] or stalked them from a safe distance.[3][4] Once an opportune moment presented itself the cloaker would unfurl its fins and attempt to engulf their prey within them. Once a cloaker had entrapped its prey in this manner, they would use their long whip-like tail to defend itself from any creatures that may try to intervene.[3][6]

Cloakers communicated through a subsonic moan, inaudible to most creatures, that could travel up to 60‒80 ft (18‒24 m).[3] They were capable of increasing the intensity of their moans as a defense mechanism, rendering them audible, and causing foes to feel a mixture of fear and nausea.[3][6] The highest intensity of this subsonic moan was capable of causing an affect akin to hold person on an individual with 30 ft (9.1 m). However, these sounds could not penetrate dense materials, such as stone.[2]

Some cloakers were known to be capable of manipulating the shadows around them, though a light spell would easily render them blind and incapable of using this ability.[2][6][4] While others expressed the ability to conjure up to three illusory duplicates of themselves that copied their movements, but could only do so in an area of darkness.[3][2]


Cloakers were generally reclusive creatures, though older ones were known to coerce small groups of humans, goblins, and drow into doing their bidding. Though derro and quaggoths were the most commonly seen servants of older cloakers. At times cloakers were even known to be worshiped by tribes as a sort of god.[4]

Many were known to inhabit the Underdark, primarily in a settlement known as Rringlor Noroth.[7] Though scholars believe that cloakers may have once built and inhabited the ruined Underdark city of Ikemmu.[8]

Other cloakers were known to inhabit the Shadow Swamp, acting as warlords over lesser creatures in the plane of shadow such as the ghirrash and khumat.[9][10]

Some believed that cloakers were related to creatures known as trappers. Scholars also believed that they may have been an asexual species, but there was no definitive proof.[2]


Cloakers were xenophobic and reclusive. They were reputed to worship ancient Elder Evils and noisome Old Gods. The goals of the cloakers were unknown, but these creatures were undeniably evil and sought to eliminate mortals from the world.[citation needed]



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