Cloakers were intelligent creatures that dwelt underground and resembled large flying manta rays when active. At rest, they looked like a black cloak, hence their name.[4] Although they were usually found in a flock of twelve or fewer individuals, they were thought to have built the Underdark city Ikemmu.[5]

Cloakers often waited in ambush for their prey and generally attempted to engulf an opponent with their wings. They also had the ability to emit a subsonic moan which caused fear or nausea in opponents and could shift shadows to conceal themselves or create a mirror image.[4]


Cloakers were strange and mysterious aberrations that lived in the dark and shadowed places of the world. They often made their homes in the realm below the surface of the world, where they could use their abilities to manipulate shadows and produce terrifying moans to their greatest effect.

Much like their namesake, cloakers appeared to be cloak-shaped creatures. When unfurled their bodies resembled a manta ray, but when relaxed, they appeared to be a black cloak. The ivory talons at the ends of their wings even appeared to be clasps. Cloakers would often use this disguise to surprise potential prey. The average cloaker had an 8-foot wingspan and weighed about 100 pounds.

Cloakers were xenophobic and reclusive. They were reputed to worship ancient Elder Evils and noisome Old Gods. The goals of the cloakers were unknown, but these creatures were undeniably evil and sought to eliminate mortals from the world.[citation needed]



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