Clockwork mages, or mechanicians were unique wizards in Zakhara who focused on building magical constructs instead of practicing traditional spellcraft.[1][note 1]


Clockwork mages not only had to possess high intelligence, but they also needed to be gifted with dextrous fingers to manipulate the fine workings of their machines.[1]


Mechanicians were viewed with mixed feelings of mockery and awe by most other mages for their ability to create wondrous things. Many commoners thought of them as little more than toy-makers. Some mechanicians even encouraged this view in order to hide their true work.[1]


These mages could use normal weapons like other wizards, but they were also adept with using hammers. They never wore armor.[1]


Clockwork mages were able to construct machines called clockwork devices that were imbued with spell-like powers. The limit of the kind of machines they built, and their function, was up to the clockwork mage's imagination, available time, and monetary funding.[1]


Mechanicians could not cast spells like other wizards.[1]


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  1. Clockwork mage was a wizard class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

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