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Clone was a necromancy spell that created a clone of a creature.


The clone spell effectively made a dormant clone from a 1 cubic inch of flesh in 120 days within an appropriately sized container. The creature could be made younger than the original and would remain dormant until the soul of the original was free and willing to return. It was only after the 120 days that the clone matured and then could be able to take the soul.

The clone had all the memories and abilities of the original but none of the possessions.


The spell required verbal and somatic components, a diamond worth at least 1000 gold pieces, 1 cubic inch of flesh from the creature to be cloned, and an appropriately sized container worth at least 2000 gold pieces.[6]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Dethed in −1897 DR and was originally known as Dethed's clone.[1]


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