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The Cloud Peaks were a range of mountains in West Faerûn, and they marked the northern border of Amn.[3][1] Mountain climbers who could afford the cost could use the cliffs of the range for rock climbing.[4]


While a small mountain range, the Cloud Peaks were very tall. The tallest mountain in the range, Mount Speartop, had an elevation of 14,500 feet above sea level.[5]

Many steep ravines and sudden drops lay along the paths, and the winds were dangerous. The mountains were snow-covered most of the year and quite cool.[4]


Many sheep and goats roamed the foothills of the Cloud Peaks, grazing.[4]


The mountains were thoroughly mined for iron, gems, and precious metals.[1] The town of Crimmor processed a good portion of the ore and gems coming from the Peaks before shipping them to Athkatla.[5]


Tribes of ogres and hill giants lived here. A family of cloud giants lived here also until they were eliminated in 1342 DR.[2] Both remorhazes and white dragons inhabited these mountains as well.[1]

One such white dragon was named Icehaupt. He lived on Mount Speartop but preferred to never leave his lair.[6][4][7]

Until 1369 DR, an ancient red dragon also lived in the mountains, but it was slain by the blue dragon Araugauthos, who then returned to her own lair.[8]

Trails and Byways[]

The Trade Way goes through Fang Pass in this mountain range.[1]

Notable Locations[]

Citadel of Amnur
This outpost was one of two built to defend against orcs in the north.[9]
Citadel of Rashturl
This outpost was one of two built to defend against orcs in the north.[9]
The Fangs
This pair of steep crags guarded the way to the Sword Coast region.[9][4][1]
The Hamlar Hills
These lightly forested foothills are used by farmers for grazing their animals.[4]
The Mountain of Skulls
This well-hidden cave is a temple to Bane and later Cyric.[7]
Mount Speartop (14,500')
The tallest peak in the range, this peak was rumored to be the resting place of several massive, sleeping dragons.[2]
The Ridge
This was an exposed stretch of fault line nearly 280 feet tall in the eastern portion of the mountains.[10][7]



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