The Cloven Mountains were a wide and barren mountain range rising from the waters of the Deepwash.[2]


The range ran from east to west and was split in two by the Wintercloak River, which was how the mountains received their name.[2]

The mountains of the western spur were called the High Peaks and filled most of the barony of Ahlarkhem in Erlkazar.[1] The eastern portion of the mountains were located in the Vilhon Reach.[2]

The tallest peak in the High Peaks was 10,000 feet above sea level.[1]

The Arglander River flowed down from the High Peaks and into the Deepwash.[1]


The Cloven Mountains were inhabited by a handful of warring goblinoid and orcish tribes.[2][3]


A rumor of a monstrous cat-like beast living in the mountains was told. It was said that the mysterious creature preyed on the goblinoids and anyone foolhardy enough to hunt it.[2]




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