The club is one of the oldest weapons known. Any blunt object that can be swung with force enough to cause damage can be considered a club. They are considered simple, one-handed melee weapons.[2] The mace is the military version of a club.


Many blunt wooden sticks can be considered clubs, such as table legs, large branches, or tree trunks in the case of some giants and other large creatures.[3] Normally a club costs nothing because it can be easily made from materials found in the environment.[2]


Most clubs can be made of any material and cause bludgeoning wounds against enemies. While most wooden clubs weigh around 3lbs (1.4kg), a hill giant or mountain giant's tree trunk club is going to weigh much more.[2] Other materials can be used to reinforce the wood of the weapon, such as bands of metal or resinous materials.


Clubs can carry any enchantment typical to other weapons. Again, the only limitation would be the enchanter's power, and the material of the club itself. Spells, such as Shillelagh, can mimic club effects, or create powerful magical weapons.[4]



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