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Cobalt dragons were a species of diabolical, domineering ferrous dragon.[1][2]


Cobalt dragons were typically draconic in build, with a long muzzle and a long thin tail. They had only two small horns on the head and red eyes.[1] Cobalt dragons were born with deep blue scales with patches of both lighter and darker blue; this unusual blotching remained with them their entire lives.[2]


Cobalt dragons were best known to for being cruel, cunning, and for attempting to dominate any and all creatures they came in contact with—so much so that even other ferrous dragons avoided them. They were solitary, gathering together only to mate or when ordered to meetings by their rulers.[1][2]


Cobalt dragons, like all dragons, radiated a fear-inducing aura from the time they were young adults. They possessed blindsense, darkvision, and low-light vision, as well as the metalsense that was peculiar to the ferrous dragons.[1][2]

They were natural sorcerers as well as having various innate spell-like abilities: as juveniles (or young, in earlier accounts), they gained entangle thrice each day; as adults, minor image or improved phantasmal force thrice each day; as old, snare thrice each day; as very old (or ancient, in the same earlier accounts), plant growth twice each day; and as great wyrms summon monster V once each day.[1][2]

Cobalt dragons had a single breath weapon, a line of pure magnetic force that threw back all caught within it; this line could be as much as 100 ft (30 m) long and 5 ft (1.5 m) wide. This was especially effective against enemies wearing ferrous metal armor, and could seriously damage creatures if it threw them into hard objects. Other cobalts dragons were immune to this breath weapon, though.[1][2]


Cobalt dragons preferred to avoid direct combat unless they had the advantage on the battlefield, which for them meant having traps set up. They were crafty and merciless, using their spell-like abilities to augment traps and their breath weapon to keep shorter-ranged combatants away from them.[1][2]


Cobalt dragons lived in deep forests and jungles, sometimes making their lairs underground in those regions. They spent much of their time making traps and hunting. Cobalt dragons often dominated kobold tribes and used them to help defend their territory, and in some accounts were claimed to be the progenitors of the kobolds. Cobalt dragons and green dragons, who preferred the same environments, loathed each other and the two species were never found in the same area.[1][2]

Cobalt dragons made surprisingly good parents, diligently taking care of their offspring until they were juveniles, at which time they drove them out of the lair.[1][2]

Like most dragons, cobalt dragons could eat almost anything, but they were carnivorous by preference.[1][2]



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