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The cockatrice was a small avian magical beast. It was notorious for its petrification ability.[3]


Although about the size of a large turkey or goose and weighing 25 lb (11 kg), a cockatrice more closely resembled a chicken, but it was a hideous hybrid with the wings of a bat and a lizard-like tail.[3] This tail had yellow-green scales, its bat wings were a grey shade, their feet and beak were yellow, and their feathers were of a golden-brown hue.[5]

A male cockatrice had a rooster's wattles and comb, which the females lacked.[3] These wattles and comb, as well as the eyes and tongue of both sexes, were all red.[5]


Cockatrices had an animal level of intelligence.[5]


Female cockatrices were very rare, much more so than the males.[3]

These creatures were closely related to the pyrolisk.[6]


Any creature that a cockatrice bit could be permanently turned into stone.[5][3] Prior to the Time of Troubles, this petrifying aura extended even into the Astral and Ethereal planes, much like that of a basilisk.[5]

Cockatrices were immune to their own petrifying bite and that of other cockatrices, though not of other petrifying creatures and spells.[3]

Cockatrices ferociously attacked any creature that appeared to threaten them or their lairs. Typically, flocks of them would attempt to overwhelm or confuse their opponents, and flew at their faces.[3]



These creatures could be found almost any region,[4] though they typically inhabited temperate or tropical regions, either underground or above ground[5] in plains.[3]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, scattered numbers of cockatrices could be found in the Elemental Plane of Earth.[7]


Some creatures were known to harvest the venom of cockatrices. Following the Spellplague, this venom typically fetched a price of 100 gold pieces.[8]




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