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Cockroaches, also known simply as roaches, were crawling insects[3] with a reputation as urban pests.[4]


Although typically harmless against adventurers,[5] cockroach swarms of large enough numbers could pose a serious threat. To those unequipped to handle it, the collective stench of such a group could be overwhelmingly sickening. Damage was typically inflicted by biting, though some swarms were able to eject a corrosive acid as well.[1][2]

Particularly diminutive adventurers, such as those shrunk to a tenth of their size per the effects of a version of the reduce spell in use between the Time of Troubles and the Year of Wild Magic,[6] were a more realistic target for individual cockroaches. At this scale, a cockroach's bite could inflict significant damage, and would slow an opponent down for a few seconds.[7]


Cockroaches could be tracked by the pungent smell of their attar and droppings.[8]

Beshaba counted cockroaches among her favored animals, and was known to act through their presence.[9][10] Torog, too, favored cockroaches.[11]


Cockroaches were found in urban areas[4] and the sewers that ran beneath them.[5] A number of inns had cockroach problems, including the Dran & Courtier,[7] the Pride of Zhentil Keep,[12] the Shattered Mirror,[13] and the Three Elves.[14]

Some species of cockroach hardy enough to survive the frigid climate inhabited the Great Glacier.[15]

Related Creatures[]

Giant cockroaches were especially large cockroaches that measured 6 feet (1.8 meters) in length. Compared to their more common kin, they were considerably more belligerent, attacking just about anything animate.[16]

Vfush Sweetwaterlake, a slyth scholar of insects and arachnids, claimed to have observed an undead species of cockroach.[17]

A rare subset of cockroaches were valued for their use in detecting magic, as their shells turned blue in its presence. These cockroaches were sold in the markets of Vaelan.[18]

Some sages postulated that hook horrors were distant relatives of cockroaches.[19][20]


Prior to becoming an advisor at the Citadel of Assassins,[21] the archmage Knellict survived an assassination attempt organized by his prior employer, Zhengyi the Witch-King, by polymorphing his assailants into cockroaches.[22] Similarly, during her tumultuous tenure as guildmaster of the Welcomers of Phlan, the half-fiend[23] Sirana used this same maneuver on several of her own guildmembers.[24]


The hishna spell pestilence brought forth a mass of crawling insects, among which were cockroaches.[3]


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