Cocoa was a bean from Maztica that was used to prepare a bitter chocolate beverage. It was available for purchase in spice shops and through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1][2]


Cocoa beans were small, brown, and nugget-shaped.[2] They were grown on multiple locations throughout the continent, such as Maxal and Pezelac.[3]

When ground and mixed with water, cocoa powder produced a bitter beverage that was said to possess restorative and stimulating properties. It was also reputed to be an aphrodisiac.[1]

Maztican chocolate was a widespread success throughout the Sword Coast.[2] The beverage was also very popular in Calimshan, where it was mostly enjoyed by the wealthy in little shops.[1]


Cocoa beans were the main currency of the entire Maztican continent. Although the beans were not accepted as currency in the Sword Coast, they could be exchanged at spice shops at a rate of 100 cocoa beans for 1 gp.[2]


The Maztican deity Watil was the guardian of plants such as mayz and cocoa.[4] Cocoa offerings were typically given to Eha in gratitude for a successful childbirth.[5]



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