Code Helm was an organization based on the planet Glyth in the mid‒14th century DR.[2]


Code Helm was focused on destroying the mind flayers.[2] They funded their operation from loot gathered from mind flayer spelljammers.[1] While not technically a mercenary company, if offered money and a chance to slay illithids, Code Helm would likely take the offer.[2]

Base of OperationsEdit

The company resided in an outpost within the third ring of Glyth, unless they were actively transporting rescued persons to their homes.[1]


Members of Code Helm were brave men and women devotees of Helm who lived outside Toril. Many were clerics of Helm, but most were actually paladins of other gods dedicated to Code Helm's ideals. Helm granted both his own clerics and these paladins a special spell of mental prowess for joining Code Helm.[1]

In the mid‒14th century DR, the leader of the group was Easel Gifford of Amn,[1][2] a paladin of Torm.[1] The group was ruled under a strict, military-like hierarchy,[1][2] originally by the priests of Helm, but since so many other religions (80%) were involved, this was changed.[1]



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