A variety of coins found in the Realms. The eclipsed moon coin of Silverymoon is the large coin in the center.

Silverymoon was one of many large cities that minted its own coinage.[1] Its coins were considered among those of the highest quality in the Realms.[2][3]

The standard Silvaeren-minted coins were the following, in order of decreasing value:[4]

In addition to these coins, Silverymoon also minted the crescent-shaped electrum "moon",[5][1][6][4], which had been described as a "shining blue coin."[1][4] From at least the Time of Troubles until as late as 1370 DR, one moon was worth 2 ep in the Silver Marches and 1 ep elsewhere.[5][1] After the Second Sundering, the electrum moon was valued at 2 pp (or 1 pp outside of Silverymoon).[4][note 1]

By 1372 DR, the city also minted a golden version of the moon that was valued at 2 gp within the Silver Marches and 1 gp outside the Marches.[7]

Finally, Silverymoon also minted a larger, round coin called the "eclipsed moon". This coin was made by fusing a shining blue crescent "moon" with a darker piece of silver.[6][4] These coins were originally worth 5 ep in the city and 2 ep elsewhere,[6] but after the Second Sundering, the value increased to 5 pp in Silverymoon and 2 pp elsewhere.[4][note 2]

Despite minting its own coins, Silverymoon accepted all of the common and some of the less common coins and trade bars used in the Realms. Ancient dwarven coins from the ruins of Delzoun were generally not accepted at full weight by the merchants of the city, however, as they were considered cursed.[7]



  1. Page 20 of the 5th-edition Dungeon Master's Guide instead states that a moon is worth 1 gp within the city and 1 ep elsewhere.
  2. Page 20 of the 5th-edition Dungeon Master's Guide instead states that the eclipsed moon is worth 5 ep within Silverymoon and 2 ep elsewhere, as it was originally.

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