The Cold Field was a flat, treeless moor located south of Cormanthor and Velarswood between Harrowdale and Scardale.[1][2]


The Cold Field was a battlefield haunted by ghosts of soldiers. The land was scarred by dragon's breath.[4] It was most dangerous in winter. In summertime, shepherds from the local dales used the field as pasture for their sheep, since the animals didn't mind the restless spirits.[2]


The Cold Field was the site of a great battle and was therefore haunted by ghosts. Mathira Melarn, an Eilistraeean priestesses and bearer of the Crescent Blade, was slain here and the blade wound up in the gullet of a purple worm.[5][6] The blade was retrieved in 1372 DR by Halisstra Melarn and Ryld Argith; Halisstra then carried the blade to the Demonweb Pits, intending (but failing) to slay Lolth.[7]




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