The Cold Run was a large stretch of frigid tundra that ran from the mouth of the Iceflow to Icewind Dale.[1][2][5]


The region, which spanned from the Iceflow up to Icewind Dale, was almost always deadly cold. However, in the peak of summer, the Trackless Sea often brought fairly warm winds.[1]


Long ago, part of the Cold Run was struck by either a heavy meteor strike or the lava of a volcanic eruption. This formed a huge crater, which was filled with rich ore. Miners moved in to the area and established Fireshear.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit


The native inhabitants of the region were the Ice Hunters.[4][8] When the Northlanders arrived in the region, their expansion drove the natives even further up the Cold Run.[4]

Tundra yetis were known to roam around the Cold Run,[1][9] as well as wolves and reindeer.[1]



  1. Auckney was a tiny settlement, and in The Spine of the World, it was noted that it "rarely showed up on any maps". In the maps that include Auckney, its position is often switched with Fireshear. In the map in the novel, Auckney is south of Fireshear. However, in the text it says "Occasionally a ship — often a fisherman caught in a gale out of Fireshear to the south — would drift into the small harbor around Auckney." This would imply that Fireshear is actually to the south of Auckney, and is supported by other statements in the text. In the other maps, such as the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas, Auckney is to the north of Fireshear, and this is also true in the Legacy of the Crystal Shard. However, in A Reader's Guide to R. A. Salvatore's the Legend of Drizzt, Auckney is positioned to the south. By considering the actual text in the original source, and the collection of maps, it would seem as if Auckney is to the north of Fireshear. As not much is known of this little, inconsequential town, it is possible that the cartographers made a mistake or assumed its position based on its rough location.


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