Cold Steel and Secrets is a standalone novel by Rosemary Jones. It is split into four parts.

Part I

Sent by the spymaster of Neverwinter to investigate a group of rebels, Rucas Sarfael finds a worthy adversary in the beautiful fencing master Elyne. Matching wits and blades with the rebel leader, Rucas strives to prove himself and rise in the rebel ranks in part 1 of this four-part novella set in the renowned city of Neverwinter.

Part II

A whiff of brimstone, a laughing ghost, and talk of a crown... In part 2 of this four-part Neverwinter novella, Rucas Sarfael finds himself invited to a meeting of rebel leaders and entangled more than he would like in the plans of the beautiful and dangerous Elyne. When those plans lead to a mad seer, Rucas finds a clue to the treasure he seeks—and more than one path to doom.

Part III

A mysterious key, the walking dead, and a grisly murder... The four-part Neverwinter novella continues as the rebels find the lost Crown of Neverwinter in their grasp. But the rebels are betrayed and Rucas Sarfael finds himself caught between his duty and his heart.

Part IV

Deception! Betrayal! A perfect partnership! In the conclusion to this four-part novella, Rucas Sarfael uncovers the twisted plots that brought him to the city of Neverwinter and discovers a plot on the life of its lord.


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