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Cold iron was a type of iron mined deep underground.[1] It was forged using a special process at lower temperatures than normal iron or steel in order to preserve its delicate properties.[1][2] It was famed for its efficacy against fey creatures,[1] and was also effective against eladrin and demons.[3][4]

Now, cold-wrought iron does not just mean an iron weapon that is cool to the touch. Oho! Many sods learn the truth the hard way — the dead way
— Xanxost the blue slaad clearing up a misconception.[2]


Cold iron weapons normally cost twice as much as their standard counterparts, and enchanting them cost an extra 2000 gold pieces.[1]


The town of Phandalin on the Sword Coast North, was a major source of cold iron.[5]

Notable Cold Iron Items

  • Cold iron was known to be forged into thick manacles, used to restrain wizards, containing their magical abilities.[8] Such manacles were also known to be used on fey, preventing them from teleporting.[9]