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Colin O'Lyre was the guildmaster of the Bards' guild of Ravens Bluff during the late 14th century DR. He worked tremendously hard to raise the level of influence of the guild, to where they became a force of cultural significance[1] that garnered respect among the Ravenians.[2]

He held a strong moral compass, and was staunchly opposed to any illegal activities that may have presented themselves to the guild's members. In contrast to the typical relaxed, carefree bardic attitude, Colin O'Lyre was vigilant in preserving the integrity of the Ravenian fellowship of performers.[2]


The man known to his colleagues as "the Hawk", was somewhat small in stature, with shoulder-length auburn hair, streaked with grey. He had distinct green eyes and a hooked nose, which was highlighted with a neatly-trimmed mustache.[1]

He was considered a master-level actor, dancer, whistler and musician of string instruments.[1]


Guildmaster O'Lyre counted many of his fellow guild members, particularly its Masters, as his close friends, having earned their respect and, in some cases, their admiration.[2]


The young Colin O'Lyre grew up the only child of a poor minstrel woman, being exposed to music extensively during his formative years. He took ill as a child, and as a result, lost his ability to effectively sing.[1]

Following the death of his mother, Colin took "O'Lyre" as his stage name, ventured to Ravens Bluff and joined the city's performer's guild. With great love and dedication for the arts, he worked his way up through the organizations ranks, eventually becoming Guildmaster in 1363 DR, after the death of his predecessor.[1]



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