The College of the Eclipse was a society of psions dedicated to the teaching of psionics, based in the city of Riatavin in Tethyr and active in the mid-1370s DR.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The College's headquarters in Riatavin were described as like a fortress.[1]


Although the College of the Eclipse was entirely open about what it did, most folk in Tethyr thought them to be simply another cabal of mages. Even conventional wizard organizations might wonder at their "strange magic". The College encouraged such misconceptions.[1]


Devoted to the teaching and advancement of psionics, the College provided cheap and rudimentary training in the "Invisible Art". Anyone who desired to enroll could undertake an entrance exam to determine psionic aptitude, and then pay tuition fees. Basic training took a few tendays. Successful graduates could receive psionic items as awards and graduation gifts.

Higher-level students were permitted access to the college's libraries and laboratories for research, and could rent living space in their headquarters.

Worried about how the public viewed the strange ways of psionics, the regents of the College took efforts to keep track of their graduates. If a graduate was suspected of causing trouble, the regents might employ adventurers to look into matters or apprehend them; this was to ensure they did not make life harder for other students of psionics.[1]


Graduates of the basic course were known as "Fellows". They were typically minor psions and found work as advisors, sages, and oracles to trading organizations or to governments, or otherwise had skill-based occupations.

College instructors were mostly psions, but included two wilders. The College was led by seven "Regents", all experienced psions.[1]



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