Color was an alteration spell that allowed the caster to permanently change the color of any cloth, leather or other item of a similar material that was capable of being dyed or altered in hue.[2] Instructions for the casting of this spell could be found in the magical tome known as Myrl's Text.[1]


With the mere wave of their hand, a spellcaster could change appearance of a garment or other such item to a single new color. If they wished to implement a number of hues, the caster traced their fingers along specific areas and focused upon the colors they sought. Any shade of any known color could be applied in this manner, even those with matte, glossy or metallic tints, as long as they reflected those found in the natural world.[1]

The duration of color was two hours, and any color changes had to be made within this time. The effects were permanent until dispelled.[1]


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