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The Color Spray Nebula was a fan-shaped nebula in Realmspace. It appeared like a flashy multicolored object similar to the effects of a color spray spell. In the mid-14th century DR, it was visible from Toril during spring and early summer[1][2]


The Color Spray was a huge multicolored cloud about 2 million miles (3.2 million km) long, 1 million miles (1.6 million km) wide at one end and 100 ft (30.5 m) wide at the opposite end.[1]

It orbited the Torilian solar system in a very slow orbit, taking over 4,000 months to complete a full revolution. The nebula shared its orbit with the Galleon Nebula, but in the opposite position, so the two were never simultaneously visible from Toril.[1]

When a spelljammer entered the region, its crew felt a slight tingling sensation, which was a side effect of the nebula's healing properties. A creature entering the nebula was immediately cured of any diseases. However, there was a small (but cumulative) probability that they would also contract a deadly and incurable cancer, that could only be removed by powerful magic such as a wish spell.[1]

Another effect of the nebula was to sometimes drain protective magic items, since its magic seemed to be non-sympathetic to abjuration effects. Items such as rings, armor and cloaks of protection were all at risk of having their magic properties weakened or drained away entirely by the nebula.[1]

Rumors & Legends

The nebula was seen by followers of Mystra as a sign that the deity was pleased by their use of magic. It was also seen by followers of Bane as a sign of his wrath: a destructive object that annihilated everything in its path.[1]

The depths of the Color Spray Nebula were also rumored to hold a secret base of the Tenth Pit, a small but dangerous organization of human spacefarers with possible ties with the Zhentarim and other evil organizations in different crystal spheres.[3]




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