Combine was an evocation spell that allowed the caster to temporarily increase his or her effective level with respect to turning undead and casting spells. This required the help of two to four additional priests.[1][2][5] It was one of the spells available from the Balance of Belaros, a holy relic of Tyr.[6]

Effects[edit | edit source]

The caster of this spell was usually the most experienced priest, who stood in the center as the assisting priests joined hands to form a ring around the caster. Upon casting the combine spell, his or her effective level was raised by one for each assisting priest. This allowed the caster to turn more powerful undead and cast spells with more range, duration, area of effect, or whatever parameters were related to the caster's experience level. The spells that could be enhanced this way were limited to the spells currently memorized by the caster of combine.[1][2][5]

The assisting priests had to concentrate on maintaining the combine effect while holding hands in a circle. Therefore they could not dodge attacks easily nor use weapons or shields. If any of the assisting priests lost concentration, the combine spell was canceled. However, any spells successfully cast while combine was in effect maintained their enhanced status even if combine was interrupted before the duration of the enhanced spells had expired.[1][2][5]

Components[edit | edit source]

Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1][2][5]

History[edit | edit source]

This spell was known to be used by wizards of the Cult of the Dragon.[7]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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