A command word, or a trigger word, was a word that needed to be spoken aloud to activate a magical effect. A command word or words could be any word, though common words were often avoided so as to avoid activating a magical effect accidentally. Often a command word was a seemingly nonsensical word or a word from an ancient language.[1]

In the time after the fall of Myth Drannor, it was common for several centuries to hide a command word inside a more easily memorized phrase. However, this fell out of use after too many magics were unintentionally activated. In the 1300s DR, command words were best described as elegant nonsense.[2]

Overwords were command words that could activate many magical effects, spells, or items. Several wizards attempted to learn these words and chapbooks of them were sold at every Mage Fair.[2]

Careful folks kept command words secret, as many sought to learn command words.[3]

The spells identify and analyze dweomer could both reveal command words.[1]

Magic ItemsEdit

Many magical items needed command words to activate them.[1] Often, command words could be found written right on a magical item. Sometimes, the word might be hidden in a pattern or design. Command words were placed in a magic item during the Mastering step of magic item creation.[4]



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