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The Commani were a tribe of nomadic humans living in the Hordelands.[1]


The Commani lived in the southwestern region of the Endless Waste. Their lands bordered those of the Khassidi and Naican tribes.[2]


They spoke the Commani language, a language influenced by the Raumatharan Empire,[3] and understandable to speakers of Khassidi and Naican.[4]

The Commani were known to sometimes raid goats from the dwarves of the Herlinga clan.[5] They were friends with the neighboring Khassidi and Naican tribes and hostile to the Fankiang and Kashghun. The Commani and Khassidi sometimes raided together in the west, and the Commani and Naican sometimes raided together to the south in Semphar.[4]


The Commani shared a common history with the Khassidi at many points.[4]

Long ago, during a couralitai, a grand council of the khans (princes of the villages), all the tribes were in attendance. During a heated argument at the council, the khan of the Commani and his sons were assassinated. The murderers were never discovered, but the Commani suspected the Kashghun. Moreover, they believed that the Fankiang had defended the attackers. This led to hatred between the two groups, which lasted even into the 14th century.[4]

When Yamun Khahan came to power and formed his Grand Army of the Tuigan, the Commani were the first of the tribes of the Endless Wastes to fall to his conquest.[6]