The Companions of the One True Vision were a group of Helmite clerics and fighters who had a disparate existence within the greater church. While they had a reputation as unwavering loyal soldiers, a vanguard that could carry out tasks and complete objectives far beyond the ability of others, their actions earned them a reviled reputation around Faerûn[1] that lingered for years.[2]


Prior to the 1360s DR, the Companions were renowned for their obedience and military prowess. This perspective changed however,[1] some time after the Helmite church of Amn sponsored expeditions to the newly discovered land of Maztica.[3] At some point the Companions found themselves responsible for the slaughter of a number of the native people.[2]

Reviled around Faerûn and ridden with guilt for their savage crimes, many Companions sought spiritual absolution by refocusing their dedication to Helm and his tenets. Many of these skilled warriors joined the meek but compassionate Vigilant Eyes of the God.[2]



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