The Company of the Anvil were a one-time adventuring company around Tethyr in 1370 DR.[1]


The Company of the Anvil was composed by Bramas Thorntree, gathering old allies specifically in order to recover the Sondarr Scepter.[1]


Four of the group's eight members were:


The Company of the Anvil was gathered in 1370 by Bramas under the orders of his employer Kiros Tamadan, a spice merchant in Athkatla, who through various agents and blind contacts worked for Inselm Hhune. The Company managed to recover the scepter from a long-forgotten dwarven tomb in the Starspire Mountains. They were ordered to maintain a low profile on their return journey, and on Uktar 10, they stopped in to the Blue Badger Inn in the village of Toralth for drink.[2]

Later that night, three dwarves, Bapar Ghalmrin, Odak Truesteel, and Soram Battlebellow, entered the tavern seeking the Sondarr Scepter. However, the dwarves accidentally engaged in a brawl with the Shields of the Highland adventuring company. Bramas and his companions used this as an opportunity to escape with the scepter, but the dwarves eventually caught up with them and recovered it.[3]




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