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The Company of the Catlash was an all-female adventuring company in Myth Drannor in 1370 DR.[1]


The Company of the Catlash was founded by Catlindra Serpentar and named for the catlash she gained from her first mission. They had good teamwork strategies. They welcomed strangers in silence, awaiting for the others' actions. They preferred to meet new friends but had no problem in starting a fight with evil people.[1]


Six of the group's members were:


The Company of the Catlash was founded in Sembia by Catlindra when she gathered some young and bored daughters of the merchants of Selgaunt.

Their first task was to eliminate a wizard near Haptooth who commanded undead. From him, they won the catlash. In time, Catlindra and her fellows became famous in the Vilhon Reach area.[1]

In 1370 DR, the Company decided to go to Myth Drannor in order to acquire some magic items to empower them.[1]



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