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The Company of the Ebon Spur, or simply the Ebon Spur,[4] was an order of mounted crusaders from Amn devoted to Cyric that served the Prince of Lies during the latter half of the 14th century DR.[1] Leaders within the order were referred to as Spur Lords, terrifying agents that sought to spread strife across the Realms.[5]

For the Black Sun! Die, Infedel!
— Ebon Spur guard, 1374 DR.[6]


The Company was divided into two contingents, the Black Helms led by the Dark Lord Haroun, and the Purple Lancers, led by His Deadliness Jabbar. The two commanders hated one another and easily fell to bickering while alongside one another on the battlefield.[2] Within the greater church of Cyric, however, the Lords of the the Ebon Spur were held with significant reverence. They captured the attention of Cyric's most ardent devotees and were considered by many to be future saints of the faith.[5]


The order's most significant weakness was lack of leadership. When Dark Lord Haroun and His Deadliness Jabbar were charged with establishing a standard for admitting new recruits into the order, they spent their time plotting to kill one another instead of accomplishing their task. In fact, Cyric appeared to each commander-priest in a vision and provided contradictory instructions in order to spread strife through his own organization.[1] Beneath the two high commanders, the order's Spur Lords acted with impunity, blessed by Cyric to receive no retribution within the church and its continuous infighting.[5]

Following Cyric's acquisiton over of madness in the Realms,[5] soldiers of the Ebon Spur underwent the Ritual of the Dark Flames granting them rgw supernatural power to wield flames composed of negative energy.[6]


The mounted holy warriors rode atop massive, black-horned war bulls.[2]

Base of Operations[]

The order was headquartered in an undisclosed located in the nation of Amn, within the Lands of Intrigue.[2]


They preferred to wear spiked armor and bear spike-covered shields in battle.[5]


Even now, your worshipers lie dying in the field, betrayed by Cyric's madness.
— Tempus to his fellow gods.[7]

The order fell to fatal infighting in the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, when its leaders were tasked with sacking Candlekeep and recovering the Cyrinishad from one of the protected libraries within.[3] A failed attempt on the life of Malik el Sami by His Deadliness Jabbar led to the poisoning of the Dark Lord Haroud, who subsequently killed his fellow commander with a swing of his scepter. The companies of Black Helms and Purple Lancers quickly turned on one another.[8] Many faithful of Talos, Shar, and Loviatar were slain amidst the chaos,[7] and the rest of Cyric's amassed army dispersed across that region of the Sword Coast.[3]

Skull Servant Bineera Ethar led a contingent of the Ebon Spur to the Monastery of the Ebon Dome in the Shadowfell during the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR. There they served as advisors and protectors to a group of Sharran Dark Moon monks.[4]


Ironically, few clerics rose to the rank of Spur Lord within the company,[5] despite the fact its two highest-ranking commanders each served as priests of note in Amn.[2]



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