The Company of the Scorpions was a military unit in the Zhentilar army before and during the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR.


The first commander was Tyzack, a paranoid man living in fear of people discovering that in his youth he had briefly rebelled against the Zhentarim.[1]

The Company did not participate in the Battle of Shadowdale, instead being busy with a mission ordered by the god Bane in person to try to find a lost powerful magical artifact in Archendale. However, their search was in vain.[1]

Later, they were among the many troops that Bane ordered to converge on Scardale. On the way, the Company of the Scorpions met the then-human Cyric. Cyric soon rose through the Company's ranks and thanks to a "strange" incident became the new commander of the Company. In Scardale, Bane was satisfied by the Company's operations and elevated them to an elite corp directly under his control. He also reassigned most of the men. The Company at this point were led by Cyric and the lieutenant Dalzhel.[1]

They fought at Tantras while Cyric carried out a secret mission behind the enemy lines.[1]

After the death of Bane, the Company of the Scorpions went rogue under the command of Cyric in his hunt for the Tablets of Fate. After some skirmishes with the heroes Midnight, Adon, and Kelemvor Lyonsbane, most of the company were killed by the god of assassins, Bhaal, also in search of the Tablets. In the end, only Cyric remained, effectively dissolving the Company.[2]


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