The Company of the Singing Dawn were a mercenary company based in Chondath around 1358 DR.[1]


The Company was divided into five units: Solara's Elite, fighters from the Fields of Nun; the Spears of Dawn, fighters; the Forester Guards of Nun, charismatic and chivalrous warriors from the Chondalwood; the Lightblades, paladins mounted on pegasi; and the Sunshafts, pegasus-riding elven archers.[1]


The Company preferred jobs where they could fight evil. They also did charity work, especially if it involved destroying undead. They worshiped Lathander and never did anything that conflicted with the dogma of the Morninglord. They normally charged 1000 gold pieces per day for their services.[1]


The Singing Dawn were founded by Solara around 1343 DR and was first known as Solara's Elite. They were decisive in the battle against the arcanaloth Yrkhetep.[1]



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