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The Company of the Sunlit Sea was an adventuring group active in the Dalelands during the mid-to-late-15th century DR who sought out treasure and lore.[2][3]


In the Year of the Plagued Lords, 1471 DR, while searching for the Diamond Staff of Chomylla, the Company of the Sunlit Sea entered a temple of Bhaal occupied by the Cult of the Dragon and Dretchroyaster. There, Isteval battled a black dragon, Jekk became mired in a subterranean lake, and their expedition ultimately had to turn back when Imani was badly burned by a trap. Hadarr, however, was able to produce a map of the site to aid subsequent adventurers.[2][3] The company disbanded some time thereafter.[1]

Circa the Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance, 1485 DR,[4] the Company's former members joined forces once more to coordinate an assault on the Bloodgate Nexus below Bloodgate Keep. Isteval, Jekk, and Hadarr mustered forces at Floshin Estates after Hadarr performed initial reconnaissance of the Nexus.[5] Imani created a set of circlets of limited telepathy which allowed the squad captains to communicate during the assault.[6] Although Imani and Isteval did not take part in the assault, Hadarr and Jekk did.[7] Their mission succeeded, but the group remained at risk as the Bloodgate Nexus began collapsing around them.[8] Hadarr, Jekk, and the assault force survived, however, because a Thayan Resurrection agent, Syranna, teleported them to the Doomvault in hopes of weakening Szass Tam.[9]




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