The Company of the Swanmays, or simply the Swanmays, was a somewhat well-known all-female adventuring group of seven, active in the mid–14th century DR.[2]

Alias's first adventuring party, the Swanmays, had been like that, all flash and fanfare. One encounter with trolls had taught them the wiser course of stealth and surprise.[5]


Even though Alias' false memories suggested the adventuring group to be long-disbanded, they were very much still active. In 1357 DR, the Swanmays aided the adventuring party possessing the Azure Bonds to kill Dracandros.[6][2]

A few years later, the Swanmays found themselves captured by a group of drow after they spent a night at Zhentil Keep. The drow occupied the keep, holding hostage some of the citizens, and all the Swanmays members but Silk. To the residents of Zhentil Keep's dismay, the drow were allowed to run amok as the leaders of the keep turned a blind eye to it all. The reason behind the abductions was that one of Bane's three lieutenants, the marilith Kaliste, was using the abductees as sacrifices. Silk managed to recruit heroes from Phlan to aid her in the rescue mission.[1]


  • Silk was the Swanmays' leader. She was very young for a drow, had lighter skin tone, and black hair with a silver streak. She introduced herself as a rebel[1].
  • Cynthia[1]
  • Alias of Westgate had false memories of being a member of the Swanmays in the past[7].
  • Kith was a young woman trained in magic under Anastra Syluné Silverhand[3].
  • Belinda[4]




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