Condors were a rare species of large bird.[1]


Condors were large birds covered in large beautiful black feathers. Depending on the individual bird, their head was either bald like a vulture's or covered in a layer of pinfeathers.[1]


Using their large wingspan, condors had the ability to remain airborne for extended periods of time, soaring on the warm updrafts from valleys.[1]


Condors made their nests along cliffs in mountainous terrain.[1]


Condors were solitary creatures and spent most of their day in the air, landing only to eat, mate or sleep. Female condors laid up to two eggs per year and the young reached maturity within two years.[1]


Condors could be trained as retrievers or spotters. They could also be trained to carry items or even small humanoids weighing up to 80 lb (36 kg).[1]


Condor feathers were sought after due to their large size and beauty. In the market, a pinion feather was worth up to 1 sp and a wing feather 1 cp. Condor eggs and young were even more valuable, fetching up to 60 gp. An intact condor corpse, with feathers still attached, was worth up to 10 gp.[1]


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