Conjure air elemental was a divine magic spell that brought a native from the Elemental Plane of Air to assist the caster. The reverse of this spell, dismiss air elemental, sent the summoned creature back home.[1]


Normally, this spell was the sole purview of druids and mystics,[4][5] but priests of Akadi, the Queen of Air, and Aerdrie Faenya, the Winged Mother, could also pray for this spell.[2][3]


When cast, this spell summoned an air elemental to serve the caster. The size of the summoned creature was random, with smaller ones more likely than larger ones, but even the smallest was quite formidable. The elemental regarded the caster as a friend and ally and was willing to do the caster's bidding. Unlike the arcane version of this spell, the caster did not have to concentrate to maintain control of the creature and was not at risk of being attacked by it. The spell lasted for over two hours (even longer for more experienced casters) or until the air elemental was destroyed, dismissed, dispelled, or banished with a holy word spell, whichever came first.[1][2]

The casting time for this spell was six minutes for druids[1] and ten minutes for priests of Akadi or Aerdrie Faenya.[2] The range at which the elemental could be conjured or dismissed was 240 ft (73 m) for druids[1] and half that for Akadians and Aerdrians.[2]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1][2]


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