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Conjure animals was a conjuration spell that summoned fey spirits that took the shape of animals.


The beast or beasts that were formed were considered fey and the caster could decide how the fey spirits' power would be divided. This power would usually be divided over one powerful creature, two half as powerful, three less powerful, or four weaker creatures, but if used with a higher spell level then the number of creatures would double or even triple. They also considered the caster and her allies companions and followed the commands of the caster.

The beast or beasts would last for a hour or until they "died" from their wounds or otherwise.


Only verbal and somatic components were needed for this spell.[7]


The arcane version of this spell was developed by the Netherese arcanist Lucke in 2095 NY (−1764 DR), and was originally called Lucke's animal conjuration.[1]



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