Conjure nature elemental was a divine magic spell available to druids of Chauntea and other priests of nature deities with both the Elemental and Plant spheres.[3] The spell summoned a nature elemental that removed all traces of civilization in the area of effect. It was an extremely destructive spell with the potential to cause tremendous loss of life and was only granted after careful consideration of the justification and consequences of its use.[1] As of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Rillifane Rallathil had refused to grant this spell since the early- to mid-13th century for reasons unknown.[1][2] The reverse of this spell, dismiss nature elemental, caused the nature elemental to cease its work and dissipate.[1]


This spell took ten minutes to cast, could be cast at a point up to 300 ft (91 m) away, and had a potential area of effect of a circle with radius one mile (1.6 km). Upon casting, a channel to the deity was opened and a portion of his or her divine essence created a nature elemental consisting of air, earth, fire, water, and spirit. If the caster was of sufficiently high level (a hierophant able to enter the Elemental Plane of Earth,[4][5] or equivalent), then the caster did not have to supply the spirit portion of the creature. Otherwise, the caster had to resist the spell or die when it concluded as his or her spirit left the Prime Material Plane with the creature. The body of the caster was unharmed and could be subsequently raised or resurrected.[1][3]

When unleashed, the nature elemental began restoring the area of effect to its natural state, wiping out all traces of cultivation, deforestation, civilization, and humanoid life, while regenerating the ecosystem of the land to its pristine state. The spell lasted until the entire area was restored, or until 24 hours had elapsed, whichever occurred first. The caster could protect up to 130 people (more for higher level casters) as long as they were within 300 ft (91 m) and were designated specifically to be spared. Protection from evil and other spells intended to repel extraplanar creatures were ineffective against nature elementals.[1][3]

Scroll useEdit

This spell could be magically inscribed on a scroll for casting by others, but only druids, rangers with sufficient experience, or clerics and specialty priests of nature deities could read the scroll. The reader did not have to sacrifice his or her spirit to summon the nature elemental.[1][3] The inscriber had to be a hierophant able to enter the Elemental Plane of Fire, or equivalent.[1][4][5]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the burning of incense, some soft clay, sand, water, and samples of sulfur and phosphorous, as well as a properly consecrated holy symbol.[1][3]



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