Consecrate blessed an area, infusing it with positive energy.[1]


Within the area of a consecrate effect, a cleric's ability to turn undead was enhanced. Any undead creature in the vicinity was weakened and more vulnerable to magical effects. The area was also proof against creating or summoning undead in the area while the spell was in effect. This spell covered a spherical area with a radius of 20 ft (6.1 m) and lasted six hours. The duration of the spell was determined by the caster's skill level.[1]

This spell was doubly effective if it covered a permanent structure such as an altar or a shrine dedicated to the caster's deity, an allied deity in the same pantheon, or a higher power of the same alignment as the caster. If cast on a fixture dedicated to a deity that was not compatible with these restrictions, it cursed the area instead, causing it to lose any benefits or connection with its patron deity while the spell was in effect. An area so cursed did not gain the benefits versus undead.[1] Consecrate countered and was countered by desecrate.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the use of the caster's holy symbol, a vial of holy water, and at least 5 lb (2,300 g) of silver dust with a value of at least 25 gp. During casting the holy water and silver dust had to be sprinkled over the area to be consecrated.[1]



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