Construction was an elven alteration spell that allowed the caster to transform raw building materials into completed structures, decorations and similar fabrications.[1]


By use of this spell, the caster transformed raw, naturally occurring materials such as wood, stone, crystal, metal, and certain types of glass, into fully realized formations. These magically constructed pieces varied from simple walls and palisades, to completely finished buildings and grand palaces, depending on the skill and dedication of the caster.[1]

By use of this spell, the caster transformed the natural building material into a unique structural fabrication with a volume equivalent to 1,000 ft³ (28.3 m³). The shape, form, and other design characteristics of the constructed piece were determined entirely by the caster and simple constructs of this size took a full day to form. If the caster chose more complex designs, such as by adding vaulted ceilings, columns, or other decorative additions additional time was required. Additions could be added to the initial creation at a rate of 1,000 ft³ per day by use of the same, single casting of this spell.[1]

Once completed, the fully formed structures were permanent and required no additional arcane magic or maintenance. They were structurally sound and much more resilient than buildings erected by non-magical means.[1]


This spell was unique to the elves of Evermeet, and was extensively used to create the structures and palaces that adorned the island refuge. Like their other magic, the specifications of the spell's casting was a well-kept secret of the Green Isle.[3][1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the natural building material that was used in the creation of the structure. For the entire duration of the spell's casting, all the natural building material had to remain in contact with the ground of Toril and not be moved until construction was complete.[1]



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