Constulgrael was a great wyrm black dragon and the only true dragon to become Magister. He reigned from 983 DR to 986 DR.[1]


In 983 DR, Constulgrael went on a hunt, intending to slay all other male black dragons he encountered, to slay dragons of other kind if it was possible without danger, and to find a female black dragon for a mate. Sleeping in a swamp, he encountered Malune Nalonkrivar, the reigning Magister, who landed atop his back. Constulgrael surprised Malune and easily killed him, but was teleported by a contingency spell to a hilltop cairn where Malune stored a cache of healing magic. Tearing his way out of the wizard's cairn, the power of the Magister entered into Constulgrael. Bewildered, the dragon asked Mystra for answers and soon Azuth appeared to explain. They made a bargain, Azuth provided the dragon with Malune's spells, and Constulgrael promised to spread magic in the Realms.

In time, he come to enjoy his position, though he caused destruction in some cities in Thay when fighting with wizards challenging him. Eventually, a party of Red Wizards of Thay decided to hunt him down, greatly weakening him before Constulgrael met his doom in the Howling Caverns by Meldryn Jalensifer.[1]