Contagion was a necromancy spell that inflicted a horrendous disease on a target.


Older versions of the contagion spell infected a touched target with a vicious infestation, like boils, lesions, seeping abscesses, blotches, or worse. This would reduce a target's strength, agility, and looks, unless they spent weeks recuperating or a remove disease spell was cast on them. If the victim did not get any aid, then the diseases would get even worse.[5]

Newer versions caused diseases like blinding sickness, filth fever, flesh rot, mindfire, seizure, or slimy doom.[4][8]


Only vocal and somatic components were needed for the casting.[5][4][8]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Lucke in −1745 DR and was originally called Lucke's contagion.[1]


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