Control darkness and shadow was transmutation spell that allowed the caster to obtain some control over darkness and shadow.[1]


For the spell's duration, the caster could control shadows in one of three ways within an area inside a range that increased with increasing skill of the caster. First, the caster could deepen the shadow. This had the effect that creatures within a shadow could use it to hide better and were also harder to hit, when they were within the deepened shadow. When in magical darkness like that from a darkness spell, it made the magical darkness such that it was even harder to hit a creature inside it, while making it impossible to visually locate a creature. The second option was the one to lighten shadow. This made it impossible for anybody to hide in shadows. Furthermore, these shadows became magically useless, affecting abilities like those of a shadowdancer. Used on magical darkness like on that from a darkness spell, the darkness was no longer useful for hiding behind it and it could even be illuminated with mundane light. The third option allowed the caster to move around shadows. For example, the caster could create a colorless silent image, move a shadow to reveal creatures hidden behind it, or any other use the caster wanted.[1]


Control darkness and shadow required somatic and verbal components to cast.[2]


The Shadow Weave node where Darger Ironmoot's dwarf clan built their fortress could provide the control darkness and shadow spell to those who tapped into it.[3]



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