Control flames, sometimes known as affect normal fires, was a spell that allowed control and manipulation of non-magical fires.[2][4]


For the duration of up to one hour, or until dismissed, the spell allowed the caster to affect an existing flame's luminosity, color, size, and even shape, or even to extinguish it completely. The spell did not affect the original flame's fuel consumption (although expanding the flame into a new location required some form of fuel), nor did it affect fire elementals.[2][3][4]

The spell could be used in space to extinguish an open flame before it came into contact with the phlogiston, but did not prevent the explosion if the flame was exposed to the fluid before the spell could be cast.[9]


The spell required only somatic components.[2][3]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Nobrow in −729 DR and was originally known as Nobrow's fire effect.[1]



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