Control winds was a transmutation or alteration spell that allowed the caster to increase or decrease the speed (but not direction) of the prevailing winds, from a zephyr to a hurricane.[4][5][6] Later versions of this spell could even produce tornado-level winds.[2]


The caster altered the wind force in the surrounding area, made the wind blow in a certain direction or manner, increased its strength, or decreased its strength. The new wind direction and strength persisted until the spell ended or until the caster chose to alter her or his handiwork, which required concentration. An "eye" of calm air up to 80 feet in diameter at the center of the weather pattern could also be created if desired. The effect could also be limited to any circular area less than the full range (for example, a 20-foot-diameter tornado centered 100 feet away).[citation needed]

Any one of four basic wind patterns could be chosen to function over the spell's area:

  • A downdraft blowing from the center outward in equal strength in all directions.
  • An updraft blowing from the outer edges inward toward the center in equal strength from all directions, veering upward before impinging on the eye in the center.
  • A rotation causing the winds to circle the center in clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion.
  • A blast simply causing the winds to blow in one direction across the entire area from one side to the other.


The Red Wizards of Thay created an arcane version of this spell that required no material component.[7]


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