Copper was a common, precious pure metal[1] used in Faerûn as the least-valued form of currency in most economies.[3] When used as currency, it was usually cast into copper pieces of a standard weight.[citation needed]


In its natural form, copper had a distinct pink sheen. It was quite soft and famously easy to work in a forge.[1] It had the same weight as steel.[4]


Most coins in Faerûn worked off of the silver and gold standard, with copper pieces (cp) being worth 1/100th of a gold piece (gp) and silver pieces (sp) being worth 1/10 of a GP.[5] Electrum coins were worth 50 cp (1/2 gp),[citation needed] and platinum coins were worth between 500cp (5gp) and 1,000cp (10gp).[5]

Copper coins came in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. In Waterdeep they were known as "nibs" and in Cormyr they were called "thumbs".[3][5]


In addition to its use in the minting of coins,[3] as well as the creation of ornamental items,[4] copper was a well-known metallurgic amalgamator and neutralizer. Copper containers were never used to store holy water as it would gradually nullify any divine qualities of the solution within a matter of months.[1]

Priests who planned on making an offering with a substance that was forbidden by their faith, could replace the offending item with an amount of copper equal to half its weight.[1]


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