Coral was formed by very tiny animals in the warm seas of the Realms (including the Sea of Fallen Stars). It was not a gemstone in the traditional sense of having been mined from underground, but after being treated, cut, and polished, it was considered a fancy gemstone.[4][5] Coral was also favored by the elven god Deep Sashelas.[6]


After being harvested from the water, coral was baked in the sun to dry it out and remove the smell of decaying marine life. It was then ready for polishing and carving.[4] Branch-like specimens were sometimes used as the stems and leaves of ornamental flowers created from other gems.[5] The pink and crimson varieties of coral were in the highest demand.[4][5] A typical specimen had a base value of 100 gp.[1][2][3]


Powdered coral was a very desirable ingredient in creating potions of healing and extra healing because it guaranteed a greater minimum effectiveness for those healing draughts. Knowledge of this property of coral was prevalent in South Faerûn were coral was found in abundance.[5]


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