King Coram III of House Tethyr[1] was the eighth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


Coram III was the third-oldest great-grandson of King Alemander I. He was the grandfather of Alemander II, who would succeed him.[2]


During his reign, the King's Crown, a magical relic of Tethyrian nobility, was crafted for Coram.[3]


Coram was born in the Year of the Perilous Storm, 1112 DR. He was crowned in 1145, the Year of the Smiling Flame.[2]

In the same year as his coronation, Coram III officially changed the name of his family. Previously, they had been known as House Ithal-Strohm-Bormul; after this point, he mandated that they be called simply House Tethyr. Some believed that he did this to distance himself from the Bormul merchant family of Amn, who were rumored to be slave-dealers.[1]

During his reign, the knightly order of the Champions Vigilant was founded.[4]

Coram died in 1181 DR and was succeeded by Alemander II.[2]




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