King Coram IV of House Tethyr[1] was the tenth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Coram IV was the first legitimate son of Alemander II.[2] He had a half-brother,[1] who was older than him,[2] named Kymer,[1][2] whose mother was an elf.[1]

Coram IV was married and had children,[1] including at least two sons, the second of whom was Haedrak II.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

Coram IV was crowned king of Tethyr in 1202 DR, succeeding his father.[2]

In the Year of Starlight, 1215 DR, Coram IV had the Sword of Starlight forged for his son Haedrak II. It became one of two Swords of State for Tethyr, along with the Lion's Sword, and was always carried by one of the kings or heirs.[3]

Coram's older half-elven half-brother, Kymer, treacherously pretended to adore his younger brother. In reality, he wanted to take over the throne.[1] In 1218 DR,[2] he bribed the captain of the king's guard to assassinate the entire royal family in their beds.[1] Only Haedrak II, who was in Zakhara at the time, survived the murder.[1]

Rumors and Legends[edit | edit source]

As an example of why the number five was considered cursed in Tethyr, Coram IV was said to have been murdered with five stab wounds, while the assassin had been paid five platinum bars to do the deed.[1]

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