Coril of Baldur's Gate (pronounced: /ˈkɔːrɪlKOR-ill[2]) was a human wizard and Harper in Waterdeep in the 14th century DR.[1]


Coril was the illegitimate daughter of the mercenary lord Sarraver of Baldur's Gate. To avoid an arranged marriage, she escaped to Waterdeep and adopted the identity of a man.[3]

However, circa 1372 DR, Sarraver had recently found his wayward daughter. Coril was unwilling to leave Waterdeep to avoid Sarraver's attentions, and so had to stay and reject his agents' frequent efforts to take back and marry off his daughter.[1]


Coril worked for the Harpers, usually staying in the corners of the city's taprooms and observing all people passing by and what went on. Coril made many notes and sketches, and also wrote terrible poems; some of this was coded information for the Harpers.[1]


Coril appeared as a young man, handsome and clean-shaven, with straight brown hair closely cropped and sparkling lime-green eyes. Coril always wore heavy, black robes and carried a heavy metal-bound book, full of loose papers bearing notes.[1]

Coril's spellbooks were concealed in a secret compartment in Mariners' Hall, in a cavity behind a loose stone in a minaret on the roof.[1]


Coril was very quiet.



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